1. I agree, DS9 is the best of Trek.
    Star Trek today is certainly being pulled in many directions, trying to please everyone, and fans lately have been very aggressively vocal about what they like, and especially about what they don’t like. I think you’re right that having so many projects in the pipeline will help with that. There may be something for everyone. Of course, being the die-hard Trek fan, I’ll probably watch them all.

    I think a lot of the troubles with Discovery season 1 came from “too many cooks in the oven”. New people taking on other people’s half finished ideas and then taking them in their own directions. We ended up with a very uneven season. (it remains to be seen if the firing of Aaron Harbets and Gretchen J. Berg will have a similar impact on season 2.)

    You’re right, the last episode was a disappointing and weak end to the series. In fact, I’d say the last two episodes were pretty terrible. Despite all this, the season also delivered some truly fantastic episodes (in my opinion) such as “Lethe” and “Despite Yourself”, and “What’s Past is Prologue” was a thrilling end to one particular arc (and would have made a better season finale than “Will you Take my Hand”.

    All in all, I’m actually still pretty enthusiastic about Trek’s future on TV. From what I’ve seen on the trailers, Discovery season 2 will have a lot to offer. They seem to be doing what I’ve always wanted from a modern Trek show. They’re taking the core idea of “boldy going” – space exploration – but advancing it from the ‘planet of the week’ concept into an alien mystery that will take them all season to solve. Will the season end up being exactly what I dream of? Almost certainly not, but it’s a great starting point. I’m also very interested to see how they tackle the themes of science and faith (which have been said to be major themes in the season). One can only hope they do it at least do it as well as DS9 did.

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