1. Tony Breeden says:

    Stephen, your point doesn’t follow from the article you cite. Mccracken’s list is pretentiously artsy not popular. I saw First Reformed. It was a bitter disappointment. The rest of that list is a jaw-mccracken yawn until he gets to the honorable mentions like A Quiet Place and Black Panther.

    His article would have been more accurately titled The Best Movies of 2018 To Avoid, of The Best Movies of 2018 You’d Be Better Off Missing.

    • I refer to McCracken’s list as only one recent example. He had plenty of popular-level films on his list, such as Christopher Robin, yet I find myself scrambling for time even to see actually popular films. Fair point that an aside about these other offerings’ lack of actual “popularity” could have helped!

      Increasingly I’m convinced that the pro-critic sorts of people, including many Christians, have very, very different priorities for movies than do I.

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