Lorehaven News, July 2024: Open Worlds, Book Quests, Left Behind Legacy

Our new book quest explores the adventures of “Vincent in Wonderland,” while I pack for Realm Makers and celebrate the end-times blockbuster franchise.
on Jun 27, 2024 · Series:

This week, I’m packing for this month’s Realm Makers conference. That requires a lot of counting—for books, bookmarks, pins, stickers, prize medallions, hand-crafted drinking vessels …

More on those below. Out of curiosity, I also did some counting at Lorehaven.com and tallied:

Alas that I cannot read all those books we’ve listed (or even reviewed). I have many genre interests, and these days, especially sci-fi for adult readers. But some stories are not even made for readers like me. They’re made for, say, teen girls, or middle-grade readers, or people with different genre interests.

So instead we have a whole review team. It’s like a copy of the Church: one body, many members, with different enjoyments and gifts and preferences.

This helps me open my world. To behold strange wonders that help me delight in reality. To consider the many different ways that our good and perfect Creator blesses and challenges His people. And sometimes, even, to seek out new stories and genres that I didn’t think I would enjoy—but end up loving.

Ultimately this journey into open worlds isn’t about stories. It’s about exploring the greater world of people who love these stories and yet love Jesus more!

Speaking of finding your human purpose …

🐛 What if Alice wasn’t alone?

Ticia Messing soon begins this July book quest. She has chosen C. E. White’s middle-grade fantasy Vincent in Wonderland. Here’s why we like this story:

This whimsical retelling pairs 11-year-old artist Vincent van Gogh with Lewis Carroll’s original Alice Liddell, when both youngsters are called to a magical realm to use their gifts, exploring purpose in life, self-sacrifice, and stewardship of talents.

If you’re not already a hero of the Guild, here’s how you join:

  1. Join the Lorehaven Guild (on Discord)
  2. Find the #🐛-vincent-in-wonderland book quest
  3. Follow the Introduction for updates

Speaking of journeys to the past …

💥 #LeftBehindLegacy at the midpoint

We’ve released three out of six episodes in our Left Behind Legacy series. Twenty years after the final(?) volumes in the original and kids’ spinoff novels, we’ve met with series marketers, authors, and dramatic audio producers.

First, of course, my cohost Zackary Russell and I had to whack each other with rolled-up prophecy charts. Next up in this summer series, we explore:

Those last three episodes arrive Tuesdays from July 2–16. You can listen to Fantastical Truth at Lorehaven.com or on any podcasting platform.

Finally, speaking of platforms …

🥇 Behold the Lorehaven Open World (July 18-20)

This month, the Lorehaven Booth at Realm Makers will get gameified.

Attenders of this famed creators’ conference can stop by the Realm Makers Bookstore and meet our NPCs. There we shall assign you challenging quests at three difficulty levels, to earn fantastical points and prizes:

  1. Debut quests. Share your story. Subscribe for updates. Join the Lorehaven Guild. Great for new attenders.
  2. Fetch quests. Visit other booths. Collect hidden tokens. Take special photos. For more experienced players.
  3. Boss battles. Trade in your resources. Retrieve the most books. And beyond. For the most ambitious players.

What’s in it for you? Valuable XP, of course, which you can exchange for:

  1. Lorehaven buttons and stickers
  2. Our in-game currency of magic medallions
  3. Top prizes like book satchels and hand-crafted drinking vessels

Even if you cannot attend all of this year’s Realm Makers conference, if you’re near St. Louis on Saturday, July 20, stop by for the free Book Festival!

All right, that’ll do. I’m back to packing, housecleaning, and sci-fi novel work.



E. Stephen Burnett explores fantastical stories for God’s glory as publisher of Lorehaven.com and its weekly Fantastical Truth podcast. He coauthored The Pop Culture Parent and creates other resources for fans and families, serving with his wife, Lacy, in their central Texas church. Stephen's first novel, a science-fiction adventure, launches in 2025 from Enclave Publishing.

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