1. Kind of reminds me of how some people tend to dismiss fantasy stories because of their tropes, (such as the ‘find and/or destroy important object’ trope). In some ways I don’t blame them. It’s easy to see one or two common examples of a genre, dislike those trope laden examples, and then dismiss those genres altogether. That was probably kind of why I didn’t like ‘chick flicks’/romance stories as a kid. At that time, I only had a few silly trope filled examples to look at.

    Recently I also saw someone dismiss/criticize something because of tropes. Only, that was based on art style, rather than genre. I was watching an art critique/tutorial from a lady that draws realistic digital art. The tutorial was about how to make a more masculine facial structure for male chars. She was (in a reasonably polite manner) talking about how anime makes male chars look too feminine and how anime in general just doesn’t look realistic, and how if those chars were real they would actually look ugly because a lot of anime facial structures wouldn’t transfer into real life very well.

    That’s partly true, but there was something in her tone and wording that made it sound pretty dismissive of anime art styles as a whole, and like she couldn’t understand how it could possibly appeal to anyone, because she doesn’t understand why someone wouldn’t want their characters to look as real as possible. What she doesn’t seem to understand is the sheer number of anime art styles that are out there. Some of them actually utilize several of the tips she gave for making male characters look more masculine. She also didn’t seem to realize some of the advantages to learning anime and other stylized art forms, and that there’s plenty of things to criticize with more realistic art styles like hers(the lack of efficiency in production, for one thing). One could also ask what the point of drawing realistic things is when we have cameras now. Of course there’s nothing wrong with making realistic art, but there’s no reason to look down on other art forms either.

    Even in those situations, though, disliking something because of tropes is somewhat ok. Everyone has their own tastes. And, whether or not my childhood self avoided chick flicks, I was rarely ever a jerk about it. And that lady that disliked anime was still reasonably civil. The reason Maher is so annoying is because he’s acting like it’s ‘wrong’ to enjoy superhero stories, that he is somehow superior for spurning them, and that everyone that enjoys them regularly/sees depth in them is innately childish.

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