1. Good article. Although the previews look good, I’m glad to hear it’s failing. Which is the main problem. That I, as a potential viewer of that film, would prefer that it fail.
    I honestly feel the studio should have made the sacrifice of millions of dollars and hundreds of hours to fire Ezra Miller and re-filmed all of his scenes with a new actor. And that actor should have been Grant Gustin. It’s a simple and satisfying solution to a complex problem. People love Gustin as the Flash, and are extremely uncomfortable about Miller, as they should be.
    Even if Miller is exonerated, the studio should have cut ties with him and the horribly negative PR of keeping a criminal employed as their feature star. Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise were both cut loose when their public reputations were questionable, but WB foolishly turns a blind eye to Miller’s obvious crimes and issues. If they had replaced Miller – with ANYONE – they would have secured the public’s trust and loyalty. People would have supported DC movies for years to come, out of gratitude for the company’s moral stance, no matter how unappealing the movie sounded (Booster Gold? Creature Commandos? WALLER???).
    If they also announced Gustin as the new Flash, they would have been heroes, with people lining up to make the Flash the biggest blockbuster of the summer.
    Instead, they demonstrate the ironic corruption of a money-hungry company trying to persuade people to watch a movie about a superhero who pursues justice, portrayed by a known criminal. Seriously, were they thinking everyone else would also just ignore Miller’s actions?

    • “that actor should have been Grant Gustin. It’s a simple and satisfying solution to a complex problem.”

      I don’t understand this, and even addressed this in the article. How would this be at all “simple and satisfying”? Gustin was good for TV, but many other factors go into casting an actor for the big screen. Apart from that, Ezra Miller had already played Barry in two DC films (three if you count the dreadful 2017 mutilation that was Josstice League). A sudden unexplained cast swap, using the actor from a TV show, raises far more problems than it resolves, not the least among them drastic continuity questions. With respect, I think this illustrates more of the same strange audience expectations. Which is not the fault of the audience but of dreadful franchise “editing.” If you don’t carefully guide the fans’ expectations, they’ll go every which way and pick up notions they consider simple and satisfying but which are anything but!

  2. Me says:

    I didn’t watch because Cavill was booted out!!

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