1. Kessie says:

    This article has a few faulty assumptions.
    1. Ebooks are dying. They are only dying for traditional publishers, who often price them higher than the paperbacks. In the indie realm, where they’re not tracked, they’re still going great guns. The death of ebooks has been greatly exaggerated. Pay attention to your sources.

    2. The YA Twitter audience has nothing to do with the Christian writing circle. If those people are your audience, fine, go in with your eyes open. But most Christians are writing for the homeschool YA audience. If the YA Twitter SJWs dogpile your book, laugh at them. All they’re doing is giving you free publicity. They likely won’t even know your book exists.

    • Kessie, my main points are that (1) print is still popular, so its demise has been exaggerated; (2) YA Twitter is a factor for authors who want to skip the “Christian label,” which incentivizes growth in the very market (that is, “Christian fiction” so clearly labeled) that you and I both mentioned. 🙂

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