1. Kerry says:

    Good thoughts, Stephen, as always. As to needing Christian fiction…I’ve been to a homeschooling conventiion with the Realm Makere bookstore, and I can say for a fact that in that group, at least, there is a thirst for Christian fiction. Parents want to be able to buy a series for their kids / teens and be reasonably comfortable with the content.

  2. Poor girl. I’m tempted to buy the book just to counter this trend toward bullying.

    I wasn’t even sure what they meant by “oppression is blind to skin color”. But something I see that really bothers me is the fact that now days, people want to look at a story and say that it MUST be a direct parallel to an event or issue in real life, and they won’t accept that their interpretation might be false. As a result, they assume that the author MUST be pushing some evil agenda and therefore must be destroyed.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about what would happen if I got attacked online like this, and so far have decided that I would just have to try and weather whatever storms come my way. This sort of thing would probably happen regardless of what effort I put out to make everyone happy, so although I am going to do my best to prevent such attacks, I don’t intend to give up on everything just because of them.

    Sadly, though, I worry that this issue won’t stop until there is a huge path of destruction that people will be forced to notice and finally feel guilty about. But by that point, a lot of people will have already been hurt.

  3. Looking at the New York Times article, it really looks like these people greatly cut down on diversity. Blood Heir sounded like an opportunity to shed light on the oppression people face in other countries, but these bullies silenced that opportunity with their behavior.

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