1. I know what you mean by fan entitlement. It’s something I see a lot, whether it is people complaining when a comic series goes premium on a website like Tapas or people acting like authors need to write certain pairings as canon. It bothers me, though I think there’s things to learn from their complaints.

    With Tapas, for instance, there is the option to watch ads(which makes Tapas ad revenue) in exchange for coins that can be used to unlock premium series episodes. Sometimes people complain when a series goes premium because watching ads in exchange for coins can be difficult where they’re from(ad watching opportunities like that aren’t always readily available outside the US).

    In the case of this Young Justice issue, it would be wise for people to pay attention when people complain about there not being enough content worth subscribing to over the long haul, because even if they subscribe just long enough to watch Young Justice, DC will have a hard time retaining people if they don’t have more content that people want.

    It’s understandable for people to be frustrated about these things, I just hope that people take a step back and realize that there are constructive ways to handle that frustration.

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