1. Stephen, this was the spirit in which I wrote my first book, CAIN. It’s garnered wildly differing reviews for different reasons. Most of the 1-star reviews still state the book is “well-written.” The problem is two-fold. But the first problem is the obvious violence (it’s not a perfect book by any means). I felt that to tone down the disturbing elements of violence would let the reader side with the villain too easily. I felt it would be doing something potentially sinful to make it less violent. I still feel that conviction, though maybe I interpret it a bit differently now. But what I learned is that if you make anything disturbing for a Christian audience, they will insult and hate you for it.

    I think sometimes, we should be disturbed.

    • I agree, and that’s why my stories have a lot of dark and tragic content.

      Movie ratings are weird, though. Like, sometimes an R rated movie’s largest fault could just the amount of times it drops an F bomb, and everything else about it is perfectly PG-13.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Everyone needs to be told reality, not that everything is blis. Besides purflix has cheesy movies, and their supposed pg 13 movies aren’t really pg there just pg. I think they should put more realistic movies in their thriller contents.

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