1. I’ve found that things I loved as a kid give me a far different impression than when I view them later as an adult. I liked one cartoon called The Weekenders, for instance, and at the time liked the animation style. But as an adult I think I watched a couple episodes on youtube, and although I still kind of liked the show, I didn’t think as well of the animation style.

    Now days we’re probably partly spoiled by innovations that have been made over time. Back then we would have been fine watching pixelated movies. Now days, we want things in HD, for instance. It’s not bad to want things in HD, but we should probably be self aware about our expectations.

  2. julie d says:

    I used to listen to Ranger Bill too. So stereotypical, but good anyway

  3. Audie Thacker says:

    If you ever want a real cringe, go over to YouTube and look up cartoons you liked as a kid. I’ve done that a few times, things like SuperFriends and Kids Super Power Hour with Shazam, and…let’s just say, I’m pretty sure I must have lost mounds of brain cells watching those things.

  4. Tamra Wilson says:

    Ah, yes, I listened to that a few times. I remember the audio quality being so bad I could barely understand, so I don’t really have an opinion. But this is what I always say, stuff was a product of it’s time, we need to remember that and not be making fun of it for it’s quality.

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