1. Honestly, for people that don’t believe in God, it’s probably easier to shrug death and pain off as ‘just the way things are’. Either that or they just strive to eliminate it using science. What probably frustrates people about religion is that they don’t think it lives up to its promises of ways to make things better, avert calamities, etc. Obviously that isn’t the best way for someone to see the world, and they usually will avoid pain still, but the dynamic of people being able to shrug things off easier without religion is still at play regardless.

    As for the politician, well, that kind of brings to mind the fact that guilt tripping is a pretty common manipulation tactic. A closely related one is accusing one’s opponents of being the thing that will doom the world. That manipulation tactic isn’t always used on purpose, but it is very common. Unfortunately, it’s just part of human nature, and we need to be aware of it, otherwise we’ll be pressured into doing things because we feel bad/worried, not because we’ve actually thought through the issue and decided on the actual right thing to do.

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