1. Hm…well, we wouldn’t tell a child their picture is worthless, but we would still prioritize the child over the picture they made. It’s not ENTIRELY bad for someone to wonder why people are more worried about donating to fix a building than they are to actual people. If I or a younger relative was hurt/starving/whatever, I would probably rather see them fed and safe before seeing a building remade. People also wonder why people get absolutely angry over a lion getting shot in Africa when there are tons of children starving or being murdered every day.

    When it comes to people’s reactions, there’s probably a sense of ‘newness’ and a matter of what issues are in front of people at the time. People don’t hear about lions getting shot or Notre Dame burning down every day, so it upsets them, whereas they hear about starving children and social justice stuff all the time. They care about social justice issues and get upset about them sometimes, but by now are probably a little more desensitized to them.

    That said, there are already people donating to help others in need. Obviously, we need more donations to help children, etc, but donating to Notre Dame won’t perpetually keep people from donating to other causes. Also, Notre Dame is of great historical and economic importance, so rebuilding it actually DOES help people. It attracts tourism, which gives people jobs, etc.

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