1. L.G. McCary says:

    As I read this I recalled a blown tire on a remote highway in the middle of nowhere, Alabama, at three in the morning in the rain and with a car full of luggage as my husband and I moved him back home to Texas from army training in South Carolina. It wasn’t fun, but we lived to tell the tale and made it to a little Holiday Inn for a few hours of sleep until a small repair shop opened. I know this wasn’t a fun experience, but I love when God reaches down and says, “Here, I’ll handle this” in miraculous fashion. Glad you made it home! I will be praying for dependable transportation ASAP!

  2. The breakdown in the middle of nowhere thing is what I worry about with long trips. Glad you guys got help so quickly.

    As a side note, I think people should get better about taking extra food and water with them, especially on trips like this. When driving in an air conditioned vehicle, it’s easy to dismiss the possibility of needing that, but one never knows.

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