1. Reed Benson says:

    Very good observations about snarky YouTube reviewers. I can’t stand Cinema Sins anymore. Have you seen the YouTube channel called Cinema Wins? The videos there are in the same style of Cinema Sins’ videos, but they focus on the parts of movies that the reviewer likes…even in movies he didn’t really like. That seems much more constructive, even when he runs down his full feelings about a film at the end.

    • I was actually watching this channel the other day! Naturally I started with what is (in my view) one of those nastily underrated genre films of the decade (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice). But as a self-test, I then moved to Cinema Wins’s video of Justice League, which I felt was just-okay and even lame in some ways. Yet the positive approach began to work. I changed my mind about a few “win” portions.

      As a person who wants to be more positive about films, if for no other reason than to respect the image of God in filmmakers, I already prefer this channel.

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