Join Thursday’s Live Webcast: How Did You First Find Fantastic Fiction?

This Thursday, April 21, I’m hosting a webcast for Realm Makers, inspired by reader stories about how they first discovered fantastical tales.
on Apr 20, 2020

This Thursday, April 21, I’m hosting a webcast for Realm Makers.

Realm Makers hosts several such gatherings, anticipating the annual conference in July.

All these times are EDT:

My fantastic fiction theme is inspired by listener and reader feedback in this Fantastical Truth podcast episode. Click over to reserve your spot! You can also set up auto-reminders for the webcast start at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

By the way, no, the Realm Makers conference has not been cancelled!

You can still sign up, choose classes, and plan meetings with mentors, including myself.

Realm Makers 2020 conference

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