1. L.G. McCary says:

    You have got to be kidding me. I recall a headline about scientists possibly cloning extinct species and all the Jurassic Park memes that followed saying, “We have two books and five movies about why this exact thing is a bad idea!” Actually, I notice a lot of headlines lately where I want to hand the scientist behind it a Michael Crichton novel. Someone make him required reading for science grad students, stat!

  2. I’ve probably been more worried about how modern/futuristic technology affects privacy, personal autonomy, etc. People want a lot of these developments(like super advanced AI) because of its benefits, like stopping crime, helping paralyzed people, or even simply making better animated movies. And they think that they’ll be just fine because they’ve read all the dystopian novels and are sure that they’ll never work to use their inventions in a nightmarish way. And they probably won’t, but society will grow and develop in a way that uses the technology in a bad manner.

    Not saying that people should stop developing technology altogether, but inventors, scientists, etc. should think more about the impact they will have. Also, consumers need to be speaking out more and voting with their dollar. It’s not an easy thing to do, but at the very least we need to think more about what permissions we give to certain websites. Even our operating systems are starting to gather more and more data. Even if you tell Windows 10 that you don’t want to use Cortana or install updates, it’ll probably keep nagging you(depending on what version of Windows 10 you have).

  3. Tony Breeden says:

    The very reason we keep having to write such stories as cautionary tales is because would-be mad scientists seem to need fresh reminders of the lessons in those tales. Maybe its a sort of tunnel vision that kicks on once the scientist is in the midst of research and discovery. Or maybe they just suppose they’ll not make the *same* mistakes.

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