Clearing My Tabs, March 2023

I’m exploring: A theology of revival. Brains are not like computers. “Jesus Revolution” proves popular. Let’s speak clearly about Sexualityism.
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This month’s significant date gives me some incentive to restart this personal web portal.

Notice the new name, not just E. Stephen Burnett but Lorehaven Authorship. Soon we’ll share more about that project!

Meanwhile, I’ll take the chance to accomplish something absurdly practical: clearing out my browser tabs over desktop and mobile devices.

Yes, I let them pile up. And yes, I kept thinking “I’m a writer-type, so I’ll put those into Lorehaven articles or podcasts or things.” Usually these articles end up serving as (at best) social media share. But why should those have all the views (and technically own my content)?

Here we go. I’ll sort these roughly by date. And the mobile tabs may require a whole other entry.

Desktop tabs

Theology of Revival, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, undated

Someone shared this audio message in response to the Asbury University event that just ended(?) a few weeks ago.

Few don’t know this, but I sort of grew up within ten minutes of Asbury. Back then we called this Asbury College. Revival expectations, and a certain emphasis on Professional Ministry, influenced the institution and its tiny town of Wilmore. ‘Tis great to see more activity there.

The empty brain, Robert Epstein,, undated

“Your brain does not process information, retrieve knowledge or store memories,” promised this science/philosophy writer. “In short: your brain is not a computer.”

This has applications for both science fiction and our own culture.

How many folks think about their own thinking like a machine?

What does this mean that we see our own devices as extensions of our own nature, rather than a mere thing-that-is-made?

‘Jesus Revolution’ Continues Trend of Better Faith-Based Films, Cody Benjamin, TGC, Feb. 22

Revolution shines in its more tension-filled back half, when the sunshine and rainbows of these preachers’ growing West Coast celebrity sparks internal feuding about the ministry’s future. When Frisbee’s initially innocent, free-spirited nature gives way to an emphasis on his own talent as a self-described prophet, we’re challenged to reconsider whether his abundant personality is aiding, or misleading, the body of Christ. Is this lovable leader actually a fraud?

That kind of promised complexity sold me on this film. I’m planning to see this on Friday.

Downplaying the Sin of Homosexuality Won’t Win the Next Generation, J. D. Greear, TGC, Feb. 9

Some of my friends gave TGC some backhanded praise for this article. But it’s overall a good one, in which Greear seems to dip his toe into seeing the “negative world” the church now faces.

Even if you could, for a while, keep everyone engaged [at your local church] with inspirational teaching, practical life lessons, and world-class music, at some point this subject will come up—through their Bible reading, in their small groups, or over dinner with church friends. If you haven’t publicly demonstrated how to talk about homosexuality, somebody will leave confused, hurt, and angry.

Of course, that label homosexuality strikes me as almost quaint. So many people have moved so far past that label that some who call themselves homosexual seem conservative. That’s why I tend to use the label Sexualityism to describe the nation’s fastest-growing religion.

Next up: clearing my mobile browser tabs. This will take a while.

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