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‘Why Doesn’t God Just Stop All the Evil in the World?’

“If God is so good, then why doesn’t he just stop all the evil in the world?” Answered. Sort of.
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Here’s an unexpected side effect of internet “meme culture”: You can kinda use these to start apologetics arguments.1

More words would ruin the point. So I’ll just share the image. I first saw it from my brother, posted by this page.

I once saw a similar meme that justified the problem of evil with a slogan like, “If there were no evil, there would be no Batman.” If someday I manage to re-locate this pixel wisdom, I’ll share it as well.

  1. Side note: Internet memes have basically replaced what we used to call the “Sunday comics.” These were included, at least every Sunday, in objects we called “newspapers.”
E. Stephen Burnett is coauthor (with Ted Turnau and Jared Moore) of The Pop Culture Parent: Helping Kids Engage Their World for Christ, which will release in spring 2020 from New Growth Press. He also explores biblical truth and fantastic stories as editor in chief of Lorehaven Magazine and writer at Speculative Faith. He has also written for Christianity Today and Christ and Pop Culture. He and his wife, Lacy, live in the Austin area and serve as members of Southern Hills Baptist Church.

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